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lutwa See main entry: ntwa
luyeeyeran. hair; thin hair that grows on the face[2.1.5 - Hair]
luzalanzalan. finger, toe; one of the five parts at the end of the hand or the foot[ - Finger, toe]
luzokanzokan. intestinal worm; long thin creatures that live inside the bodies of humans or animals and can cause illness, e.g., hookworm, tapeworm, etc.[ - Small animals], [ - Stomach illness]
luzoka lu̱mwei̱ See main entry: luzoka
luzonginzongin. aquatic plant sp.that mostly grows floating on stagnant water with the roots swinging in water[1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
luzotanzotan. bright star; object in the sky that shines at night, brighter than ‘nyu̱nyu̱u̱zi̱’ but not as big as the moon[ - Star]
luuran. umbilical cord; tissue that connects the baby and the placenta that is cut off at the moment of birth[ - Fetus]
lu̱bi̱mbi̱mbi̱mbi̱n. work piece; part that s.b. has cultivated; s.b.’s piece of responsibility at workSyn:mukwakuru. [6.9.2 - Work for someone], [6.6 - Occupation], [6.1 - Work], [9.1.2 - Do]
lu̱b̯u̱mbu̱u̱lambu̱mbu̱u̱lan. herb sp. normally found in bushes, with slight brownish stem small soft fruit and small leaves[1.5.2 - Bush, shrub], [ - Food from fruit]
lu̱cekerencekeren. musical instrument that is shaken to produce a sound that is in line with the rhythm of the songSyn:lusansi. [ - Musician], [4.2.3 - Music], [ - Play music]
lu̱di̱dem. that one over there[8.5 - Location], [ - Spatial location of an event], [8.5.3 - Be at a place], [ - Demonstrative pronouns], [8.5.1 - Here, there]
lu̱dolu̱do English n. game of draughts[ - Chess], [ - Game], [4.2.7 - Play, fun]
lu̱dodi̱ndodi̱n. reed sp. with joints that resembles elephant grass and mostly grows at the shores and is used as reeds in building houses, constructing bathrooms, etc.[6.5.3 - Building materials], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
lu̱fu̱mu̱nfu̱mu̱n. proverb; well known phrase or sentence that gives advice or states a truismSyn:lugeera, lu̱gani̱kyo. [ - Saying, proverb], [ - Verbal tradition]
lu̱gani̱kyongani̱kyo Runyoro n. proverb; well known phrase or sentence that gives advice or states a truismSyn:lu̱fu̱mu̱, lugeera. [ - Saying, proverb], [ - Verbal tradition]
lu̱gei̱ngei̱n. cane, walking stick; hard piece of wood with joints that is used for making chairs or that people use for walking with[ - Walk with difficulty], [2.5.4 - Disabled]
lu̱gi̱i̱si̱ri̱ngi̱i̱si̱ri̱n. intestine; part of the bowel with a towel like structure where the faeces collect[2.1.8 - Internal organs], [ - Meat], [1.6.2 - Parts of an animal]
lu̱goyengoyen. cloth, linen; piece of material that is woven from the threads of cotton, etc.[6.6.1 - Working with cloth], [ - Cloth]
lu̱goye lwa kulaalamu See main entry: lu̱goye
lu̱goye lwa nda See main entry: lu̱goye
lu̱hagi̱mpagi̱n. 1main central pole, post of wood inside a hut that supports the roof[6.5.2 - Parts of a building], [6.5.3 - Building materials], [ - Support], [ - Roof] 2spoke; radial piece that joins a wheel hub to its rim[ - Vehicle]
lu̱hoi̱zampoi̱zan. trap; device made of a thread with many nooses that is used to catch birds such as guinea fowl, francolins, etc.[6.4.2 - Trap], [ - Catch, capture], [6.4.3 - Hunting birds]
lu̱jegerenjegeren. chain; a series of connected metal rings, used for pulling or fastening things, e.g., a bicycle chain[7.5.2 - Join, attach], [ - Imprison], [ - Vehicle], [6.7.8 - Parts of tools], [6.7.5 - Fastening tool], [ - Rope, string]