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lubbaahu lwa kuhandiikiraho See main entry: kuhandiika
lubbaalimbaalin. rock; top surface of the earth that is as hard as a stoneSyn:mwandaara. [ - Working with stone], [ - Rock]
lugalingalin. winnowing tray; round, flat household object woven from thin sticks like a basket, esp. for winnowing or sieving[6.2.8 - Agricultural tool], [6.2.6 - Process harvest], [ - Winnow grain], [5.1 - Household equipment]
Lugandan. name of a language[ - Names of languages]
lugandangandan. class, category, cluster, clan; group in which things are categorisedSyn:kika. [ - Different], [ - Family, clan], [ - Social class], [8.3.5 - Type, kind]
lugaagangaagan. marsh grass sp. that mostly grows at the shores, that resembles papyrus and is used for weaving containers for holding food[1.5 - Plant]
lugegangegan. one of the joints on a cane, maize or sorghum stem[ - Link, connect], [1.5.5 - Parts of a plant]
lugengengengen. 1creeping thorn plant sp. whose short branches spread on the ground and whose flowers produce hard round spiked thorns, but it rarely spreads over a large area[1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine] 2thorn of the ‘lugenge’ creeping plant[1.5.5 - Parts of a plant]
lugerengeren. footprint, track; marks left by an animal[ - Track an animal], [ - Walk], [ - Leg]
lugeerangeeran. proverb; well known phrase or sentence that gives advice or states a truismSyn:lu̱fu̱mu̱, lu̱gani̱kyo. [ - Saying, proverb], [ - Verbal tradition]
lugeeri̱ See main entry: ki̱geeri̱
lugingongingon. joint; place where things get joined together[7.5.2 - Join, attach], [ - Link, connect]
lugongon. kraal, animal pen; enclosure for cattle to sleep in[1.6.5 - Animal home], [6.3 - Animal husbandry], [ - Fence, wall], [6.5.1 - Building]
lugologombongologombon. crowd, swarm of people; large number of people moving together in a public place, e.g. in the streetsSyn:kyecooko, ruganga. [ - Move together], [ - Crowd, group], [4.2.1 - Come together, form a group]
lugongongongon. 1lateral line, spine; backbone shaved off with some flesh from a fish already cut open[ - Parts of a fish] 2fold line; crease[5.3.6 - Parts of clothing], [ - Bend], [ - Fold]
luguluguhanguluguhan. tick; small insect without wings that sticks on animals and sucks blood[ - Insect]
Lugungun. Lugungu; name of a language[ - Names of languages]
lugwarangwaran. trumpet, horn; musical instrument made from an elongated gourd that is blown into in order to produce sound[ - Musical instrument]
lugyendungyendun. 1distance; space between two places that are far apart[8.2.6 - Distance], [ - Far] 2journey[7.2.4 - Travel], [8.2.6 - Distance], [ - Far]
luhagalampagalan. hand; fruit that is born on a banana bunch on which are 12-20 smaller fingers, each finger being the part that is eaten[ - Food from fruit], [ - Growing bananas], [1.5.5 - Parts of a plant]
luhalampalan. bald head; head without hair or the side of the head without hair[2.1.5 - Hair]
luhangampangan. skull; bone that forms the head and covers the brain[2.1.6 - Bone, joint], [2.1.1 - Head]
luhazimpazin. army-ant; wingless brownish insect that moves in large groups and has a painful bite[ - Insect]