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lu̱ngongi̱nngongi̱n. Taboo.clitoris; small female sexual organ at the opening of the vagina [ - Female organs], [2.6.2 - Sexual relations]
lu̱nondennonden. Baobab fruit[ - Food from fruit]
Lu̱nu̱u̱bbi̱n. name of a language[ - Names of languages]
lu̱sani̱amasani̱an. tray; metallic or plastic household object, round, flat used for serving food or in which to winnow[6.7.3 - Carrying tool], [ - Winnow grain], [ - Eating utensil], [5.1 - Household equipment], [ - Serve food]
lu̱si̱ri̱nsi̱ri̱n. purlin; thin long piece of wood or plant that is tied on the rafters of a roof[6.5.3 - Building materials], [6.5 - Working with buildings], [ - Roof]
lu̱si̱ri̱si̱ri̱nsi̱ri̱si̱ri̱n. small brownish wingless insect sp. normally seen in a group around an uprooted ground-nut plant[ - Insect]
lu̱si̱i̱kansi̱i̱kan. cliff; high steep sided area of rock or clay at the shores or a lake or bank of a river[ - Mountain], [1.2.1 - Land]
lu̱syansyan. 1drainage ditch, canal; s.t. that is dug as a path for water to flow through[ - Conveying water], [ - River], [6.6.7 - Working with water], [1.3.1 - Bodies of water], [ - Irrigate], [ - Furrow] 2furrow[ - Furrow]
lu̱syenenensyenenen. grasshopper; insect with long back legs, that jumps very high, with some sound, and comes esp. in November[ - Food from animals], [ - Insect]
lu̱tahyontahyon. scoop; utensil that is used to scoop things[ - Eating utensil], [ - Serve food], [ - Cooking utensil]
lu̱ti̱mbenti̱mben. curtain; piece of cloth that is hung across a room, in a doorway or over a window[7.3.7 - Cover], [ - Window]
lu̱ti̱ndonti̱ndon. bridge; structure that is made over a road, a river, etc. so that people or vehicles can cross[ - Road], [ - River]
lu̱tu̱menge(Var. mu̱tu̱menge) ntu̱mengen. wild plant sp.with thorns that grows thick, intertwined together forming a bush[1.5.2 - Bush, shrub]
lu̱tu̱u̱yo(Var. tuutu₂) n. sweat; liquid drops on human skin due to heat, sickness, or fearTukolesya katambaara hab̯wa kwesusura tuutu. [2.2.6 - Sweat]
lu̱woni̱mboni̱n. eyeball; part inside the eye that is white and black[ - Eye]
lu̱woni̱ lu̱syanu̱ See main entry: lu̱woni̱
lu̱woni̱ lwi̱ragu̱ru̱ See main entry: lu̱woni̱
lu̱zi̱genzi̱gen. large brown locust; tropical flying insect that swarms in large groups, destroying all the plants and crops of an area. Edible[ - Food from animals], [ - Crop failure], [ - Insect]
lu̱zi̱ngi̱zi̱ri̱nzi̱ngi̱zi̱ri̱n. dorsal fin; part on the body of a fish that it uses for protection from danger[ - Parts of a fish]
lwabyopro. their, theirs[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
lwab̯upro. their, theirs[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
lwab̯wopro. their, theirs[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
lwagan. lust; extreme desire for s.t. that may make s.b. unstable unless the object of desire is obtainedSyn:bijogomeera, rwanju, meero, murusi, nyoota, ijani, kihika, mu̱koi̱jo, iroho, bicoko. [ - Lust], [3.3 - Want], [ - Like, love], [ - Interested]
lwagopro. their, theirs[9.2.3 - Pronouns]
lwagwopro. its[9.2.3 - Pronouns]