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sekokomasekoko Luganda n. turkey; large domestic bird, with a small red head, long legs, with a thin long swinging comb and that makes itself swollen in case there is danger[ - Food from animals], [ - Bird], [6.3.1 - Domesticated animal], [6.3.6 - Poultry raising], [ - Chicken]
sengengemasengengen. barbed wire; wire on which is wound sharp metals like thorns used, esp. on fences, kraals etc.[ - Protect], [ - Fence, wall]
sentesente English n. money, finance; s.t. that s.b. uses to buy things or that he earns by selling things or workingSyn:nsimbi. [6.8 - Finance], [6.8.6 - Money]
sepehu̱masepehu̱n. hat; headwear that helps to protect against the sun or rainSyn:koofi̱i̱ra. [5.3.2 - Women\'s clothing], [5.3.1 - Men\'s clothing]
sesemasesen. overnight fishing where the nets catch fish like medium size Nile perch, Yellow fish etc.[ - Fish with net], [6.4.5 - Fishing]
seebaseeban. kind of fishing method that catches fish with pointed teeth[ - Fish with net], [6.4.5 - Fishing]
seeki̱i̱semaseeki̱i̱sen. porcupine; largest of all gnawing animals with quills as sharp as a needle that it raises in order to protect itself in case of attackSyn:nyamanu̱ngu̱. Hystrix cristata [ - Rodent]
sikaatimasikaati English n. skirt; piece of clothing for a female that hangs from the waist[5.3.2 - Women\'s clothing]
simonkosimonko English n. tobacco leaves that have already been preserved either by being spread in air or by being fire cured and are ready for making cigarettes or for smokingSyn:taaba, kabbanga. [ - Growing tobacco], [5.2.4 - Tobacco]
sipaanamasipaana English n. spanner, wrench; metallic tool used for tightening and loosening nuts[6.7 - Tool]
sitampu₁sitampu English n. stamp impression; design or words made by stamping s.t. onto a surface, e.g., a rubber stamp mark on a government certificate[7.7.7 - Mark], [4.6.6 - Government functions], [ - Government official], [ - Show, indicate]
sitampu₂sitampu English n. postage stamp; small piece of paper with a design on it that is purchased and stuck on an envelope or parcel before posting[ - Letter]
siteetimentisiteetimenti English n. statement; oral or written communication setting forth particulars or facts etc. e.g., about a legal case[ - Police], [4.7 - Law], [3.5.1 - Say], [ - True], [ - Witness, testify]
sitoohamasitooha English n. store; room or a house in which things are kept[ - Store wealth], [ - Store, marketplace], [ - Room], [ - Cabinet]
siyaadj. identical, same; when s.t. is exactly like what has just been mentioned[ - Exact], [ - Same]
si̱gi̱ri̱si̱gi̱ri̱n. stove; metallic device for cooking on that uses charcoal[ - Cooking utensil]
si̱li̱pamasi̱li̱pa English n. sandal[5.3.2 - Women\'s clothing], [5.3.1 - Men\'s clothing]
si̱li̱i̱mu̱si̱li̱i̱mu̱ English n. Euph.HIV-AIDS; incurable disease that spreads by having sex with an infected person, blood, sharp piercing instruments, syringes, etc. Syn:munywereeru. [2.5.2 - Disease]
si̱mi̱nti̱ English n. 1cement; gray powder used in building to stick bricks or stones together or for plastering houses[ - Working with stone], [ - Working with bricks], [ - Mineral], [6.5.3 - Building materials] 2floor[6.5.2 - Parts of a building], [ - Floor], [ - Floor, story]
si̱mu̱masi̱mu̱n. telephone; machine that uses wires or air in order to talk to s.b. far away [ - Telephone], [ - Communication devices]
si̱ni̱amasi̱ni̱a English n. secondary school, high school; second level of education that s.b. joins after primary[3.6.2 - School]
si̱pi̱i̱di̱si̱pi̱i̱di̱ English n. speed, rate, velocity[ - Move quickly], [ - Quick], [8.4.8 - Speed]
si̱ponci̱si̱ponci̱ English n. sponge; soft and light piece of material full of holes that can easily hold water, used for washing, cleaning or for filling furniture, cushions, etc.[5.6.1 - Clean, dirty], [7.7.5 - Rub], [5.6.3 - Wash dishes], [ - Spread, smear], [5.6.6 - Wipe, erase]
si̱ri̱ngi̱si̱ri̱ngi̱ English n. shilling[ - Monetary units], [6.8.6 - Money]
si̱tenseni̱₁si̱tenseni̱ English n. station; place equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose, e.g., Police station[ - Police], [ - Railroad], [6.5.1 - Building]