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si̱tenseni̱₂si̱tenseni̱ English n. station; frequency assigned to a radio or television channel[ - Radio, television]
si̱tooki̱ngi̱ English n. stockings; garment of stretchy material, worn in pairs on the legs covering the whole lower part of the legs and worn inside the shoes[5.3.2 - Women\'s clothing]
si̱toovu̱si̱toovu̱ English n. stove, cooker; household appliance with wicks, and sometimes pumped, that uses paraffin to cook[5.2.1 - Food preparation], [ - Cooking utensil], [ - Cooking methods]
si̱tu̱u̱lu̱si̱tu̱u̱lu̱ English n. stool; small timber seat without a back[ - Chair]
sojosojon. spear grass; plant sp. that blossoms with white flowers, used in mattresses, for thatching huts, and to weed it you have to dig deep[6.5.3 - Building materials], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
soki̱si̱masoki̱si̱ English n. sock; elastic piece of clothing, worn in pairs over the feet, inside shoes[5.3.2 - Women\'s clothing], [5.3.1 - Men\'s clothing]
somboli̱-somboli̱adv. partially done[ - Below standard], [ - Fail], [9.3.3 - Partly]
sonsonsamasonsonsan. small green, brown, or purple locust; tropical flying insect that resembles a grasshopper, stays in the grass, and that children are fond of playing with[ - Food from animals], [ - Crop failure], [ - Insect]
sonsooni̱amasonsooni̱an. toad; small animal that resembles a frog that mostly stays on land, without a tail, likes living under pots and breeds in waterPyxicephalus adspersus [ - Amphibian]
Sonsyon. name of a river[ - Names of rivers]
soodamasooda English n. soda; drink that is bottled and capped in which there is carbon dioxide[ - Beverage]
Sudaanin. name of a country[ - Names of continents]
sukaalisukaalin. sugar; sweet substance made from sugarcane that is stirred in such drinks as tea, juice, etc.[ - Growing sugarcane], [2.3.3 - Taste], [ - Sugar], [ - Prepared food]
sukaali ndi̱i̱zi̱ See main entry: ndi̱i̱zi̱
sunsasunsan. pumpkin leaves or the vegetable sauce made from pumpkin leaves[ - Food from leaves], [ - Prepared food]
suukamasuukan. bed sheet; piece of cloth of about two metres width, length three metres spread on the bed or to cover the body[ - Bed]
suuramasuura Arabic n. chapter; different sections in a book[ - Written material], [ - Part], [ - Sacred writings]
su̱ru̱u̱ru̱masu̱ru̱u̱ru̱n. pickaxe; large heavy tool that has a curved metal bar with sharp ends fixed at the centre to a wooden handle used for breaking rocks or hard ground[ - Digging tool]
su̱u̱tu̱masu̱u̱tu̱ English n. suit[5.3.1 - Men\'s clothing]
swasi̱n. type of wind that blows from the west that causes very big waves each a little bit distant from the other[ - Wind]
swaswamaswaswan. monitor lizard; wild reptile that resembles a crocodile, with scales, short legs with strong clawsVaranus exanthematicus [ - Lizard]
swetamasweta English n. sweater; knitted woollen or cotton piece of clothing worn to provide warmth esp. during cold weather[5.3.2 - Women\'s clothing], [5.3.1 - Men\'s clothing]