Lugungu - English

b̯wolon. laziness; showing very little interest in work or being unwilling to workSyn:b̯ugare. [ - Lazy]
b̯womeresenu̱n. hardness, stiffness, brittleness, firmness; state of being solid, firm or stiff and difficult to bend or breakSyn:b̯u̱kangabalu̱, b̯utatiro, b̯unyamaani. [ - Hard, firm], [ - Stiff, flexible], [ - Strong, brittle]
b̯womezi̱n. health, wellness; condition of not having any sickness or pain in the body[2.5 - Healthy]
b̯womeeru̱n. longevity; state of being able to live for a long time[ - A long time], [ - Old, not young]
b̯womin. life; state of being able to respire, feed, grow, reproduce and at the end of it all die[2.6 - Life], [1.4 - Living things]
b̯wongub̯wongun. brain; part inside the head that controls movement, thought, memory, feeling and all bodily activities[ - Think about], [3.2.1 - Mind], [2.1.1 - Head]
b̯wongu b̯u̱heneku̱ See main entry: b̯wongu
b̯wongu b̯wi̱hi̱ See main entry: b̯wongu
b̯woza-b̯wozaadv. definitely, unquestionably, emphatically; with much proofSyn:kiteekwa. [ - Emphasize], [ - Markers of emphasis ], [9.4.6 - Yes], [ - Approve of something], [ - Certainly, definitely], [ - Sure]
b̯wozo(Var. b̯wozoho) n. weight, mass; measurement of how heavy s.t. isSyn:raati̱ri̱. [8.2.9 - Weigh], [ - Heavy], [8.2.8 - Measure]