Lugungu - English


masanyu Luganda n. happiness, pleasure, amusement, fun; feeling that s.b. has when he is excited or joyful[3.4.1 - Feel good], [ - Enjoy doing something], [4.2.6 - Entertainment, recreation], [4.2.7 - Play, fun], [ - Happy]
maseege(Var. b̯useege) n. poverty; lack of riches or possessions[ - Poor], [ - Low status]
Masindin. name of a city[ - Names of cities]
masiran. pus; whitish or yellowish liquid that oozes from a wound[ - Skin disease]
masomo ga bya b̯uhangwa See main entry: isomo
masomo ga bya b̯uhangwa b̯wa nsi See main entry: isomo
masomo ga bya b̯womi See main entry: isomo
masomo ga bya ku̱hyangya See main entry: isomo
masomo ga bya magezi̱ See main entry: magezi̱
masomo ga kukanika See main entry: isomo
masomo ga mu̱si̱nge See main entry: mu̱si̱nge
masoohen. millet beer; alcoholic brew that is prepared from only millet[ - Alcoholic beverage], [ - Beverage], [ - Drink]
matalin. rust; ; reddish-brown substance that is formed on some metals by the action of water and air [ - Rust]
maten. milk; drink that comes out of the breast or udder of a mammal as food for its young one[6.3.3 - Milk]
mate ga lu̱koni̱ See main entry: mate
mate ga mutoma See main entry: mate
mate ga mu̱zoloi̱ See main entry: mate
mateneti̱mateneti̱ English n. maternity dressSyn:lu̱goye lwa nda. [2.6.3 - Birth], [5.3.2 - Women\'s clothing]
mati̱ndei̱ti̱nden. tropical grass with thorny seeds called ‘nsigizi’ that can prick, used for thatching houses[6.5.3 - Building materials], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
matwantwen. saliva; liquid found in the mouth that helps you swallow food or that you spit out, esp. when you have smelt s.t. with a bad odour[2.2.3 - Spit, saliva]
mawandaalan. evening twilight; time immediately after sunset[ - Time of the day]
mawiinon. traditional beads made from a giraffe tail that a bride wears[5.4.1 - Jewelry], [2.6.1 - Marriage]
mazi̱ma Runyoro 1n. truth, fact; s.t. that is true, esp. with proofSyn:mananu. [ - Tell the truth], [ - Real], [3.6.5 - Correct], [ - True] 2interj. in fact; true[ - Markers of emphasis ], [9.4.6 - Yes], [ - True], [ - Certainly, definitely]
waamazi̱mabaamazi̱man. righteous, sincere, trustworthy, dependable, honest personSyn:munanu. [4.3.1 - Good, moral], [ - Tell the truth], [ - Trust], [4.3.5 - Honest], [ - Reliable], [ - Believe], [ - Confident], [ - Faithful]
maacin. alcohol, beer; bitter drink that makes s.b. drunkSyn:mwenge. [ - Alcoholic beverage], [ - Beverage], [ - Drink]
maamabamaaman. mother; your own mother[ - Father, mother]