Lugungu - English


mbwi̱lu̱bbwi̱n. 1greyish hair that normally comes during old age[2.1.5 - Hair] 2mould; greyish or black substance like fur that grows on fermenting or old food such as cassava, etc. or on objects that are left in warm wet air[ - Decay], [1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae]
mbyabamumbyabamun. deck chair; seat in a house made of timber with a woven net or a piece of tarpaulin that leans right back making the one sitting appear as if he is lying[ - Chair]
meipokopobameipokopon. mole; very small piece of flesh inside an ear like a pimple that is hairy[ - Ear], [ - Blemish], [2.1.4 - Skin]
mei̱han. jealousy, malice because s.b. you love, e.g., a husband, is showing love interest towards s.b. else[ - Jealous], [ - Hate, ill will], [ - Unfriendly]
mei̱jan. bad smell from a living person or animal[2.3.4 - Smell]
mei̱romei̱ro English n. mile; measurement of length[8.2.2 - Long], [8.2.8 - Measure]
mei̱so ga ntaama See main entry: li̱i̱so
mei̱so kulema ha kuwona See main entry: li̱i̱so
mengi̱mengi̱n. Taboo.cervix; opening of the uterus where the baby presses when labour is about to begin [ - Female organs]
meeri̱mameeri̱n. ship; large boat made like a house that is demarcated into rooms depending on people’s economic statusSyn:ki̱dyeri̱. [ - Boat]
meeron. lust; strong physical desire for s.t. esp. due to having spent a long time without having or seeing that particular thingSyn:lwaga, bijogomeera, rwanju, murusi, nyoota, ijani, kihika, mu̱koi̱jo, iroho, bicoko. [ - Lust], [3.3 - Want], [ - Like, love], [ - Interested]
meezameeza Portugese n. table; furniture with legs, flat on top, put in a house or office[ - Table]
meezi̱n. water; liquid without colour, smell, not sweet or sour, falls as rain and forms lakes, rivers and swamps [1.3 - Water]
meezi̱ gakwekuuta See main entry: meezi̱
mibaliren. multiple; mathematical quantity that contains another quantity an exact number of times, e.g., 14, 21 and 28 are all multiples of 7[ - Multiples], [ - Number of times]
micungwa See main entry: mucungwa
mimidem. these ones[ - Demonstrative pronouns]
mimiron. throat[2.1.8 - Internal organs], [ - Mouth]
miniisitabaminiisita English n. minister; executive government worker, appointed by the President and charged with the responsibility of heading a whole government department[ - Government official]
mirembe Luganda 1n. peace; situation in which there is no war or violence, where there is calm and a state of living in friendship with othersSyn:b̯u̱si̱nge. [4.8.4 - Peace], [ - Calm] 2interj. ‘peace’; a greeting[4.8.4 - Peace], [ - Greet]
mitarabandamutarabandan. wooden sandals; type of sandals used in the past that were made out of wood[5.3.2 - Women\'s clothing], [5.3.3 - Traditional clothing], [5.3.4 - Clothes for special occasions], [5.3.1 - Men\'s clothing]
mitwaru gabirinum. two hundred thousand[ - Cardinal numbers], [ - Two]
mitwaru ganeinum. four hundred thousand[ - Cardinal numbers]
mitwaru gasatunum. three hundred thousand[ - Cardinal numbers]
mitwaru gataanunum. five hundred thousand[ - Cardinal numbers]