Lugungu - English


mpaayampaayan. male goat old enough to fertilise[ - Hoofed animals], [ - Goat]
mpehumpehun. 1wind; air moving that blows in space[ - Wind] 2vacuum[ - None, nothing], [ - Empty]
mpekenyu̱mpekenyu̱n. cartilage; strong white flexible substance found between the joints in the body[2.1.6 - Bone, joint], [2.1.7 - Flesh], [ - Meat]
mperemi̱mperemi̱n. bridesmaid, best man; girl or a boy who takes care of a bride or a bride-groom on his or her wedding day[ - Wedding]
mperumperun. end of time, esp. the end of life on earth after death[ - Complete, finish], [ - End], [8.6.7 - End, point]
mpetampetan. Cape buffalo; wild grass eating animal resembling a cow but bigger and with larger horns usually with a black skinSyncerus caffer [ - Hoofed animals]
mpihimpihin. belch, burp; gas with a bad odour that s.b. regurgitates due to excessive ingestion of food [2.2.2 - Cough, sneeze]
mpinduka(Var. mpinduka-hinduka) mpindukan. change, alteration; situation that makes s.t. different[ - Become, change state], [ - Different], [ - Change something], [4.3.8 - Change behavior]
mpinduluzempinduluzen. s.t. that is inside out, e.g., a shirt worn with the inside part facing outside[ - Inside], [ - Opposite]
mpirimpirin. snake; thin long animal that crawls on its belly, sheds its skin and lays eggs [ - Snake]
mpiri gya kisubi kyomumpiri za kisubi kyomun. Stripped skaapsteker; small pale brown docile snake, with fairly strong venom and with the teeth not designed for tearing or chewing but of catching s.t. so that it swallows Psammophylax tritaeniatus [ - Snake]
mpiri gya lukomampiri za lukoman. Green mamba; slender green snake with large eyes, undersides yellowish and rarely bites except for self defence Dendroaspis angusticeps [ - Snake]
mpiri gya mu kitabbumpiri za mu kitabbun. Metaphor. hypocrite; betrayer [ - Betray], [ - Dishonest], [ - Hypocrite], [ - Tell a lie], [ - Deceive]
mpiri ginteme See main entry: mpiri
mpiri gya kisubi kyomu See main entry: mpiri
mpiri gya lukoma See main entry: mpiri
mpiri gya mu kitabbu See main entry: mpiri
mpita₁mpita1n. ring; circular band of precious metal that a married couple put on their fingers [ - Round], [5.4.1 - Jewelry] 2v. Metaphor. wed; get married [ - Wedding], [2.6.1 - Marriage]
mpita₂mpitan. flame[5.5.5 - What fires produce], [5.5 - Fire]
mpiyompiyon. crocodile; huge reptile with strong teeth and tail, back with hard scales, but a soft under belly with skin prised for high value articles (hand bags, belts etc.), which lives around water and feeds on fish Osteolaemus tetraspis [ - Crocodile]
mpiyo na mpuuta See main entry: mpiyo
mpi̱ngompi̱ngon. handcuffs; metal like a pair of pliers that is used to tie the wrists of a prisoner so that he does not run away[ - Arrest], [ - Imprison], [ - Prevent from moving]
mpohi̱mpohi̱n. fish sp. with scales similar to that of a Yellowfish, very short and flat, with an even split tail fin and a small head[ - Fish]
mpoli̱n. Taboo.smegma; dirt that is under the foreskin of the penis [ - Male organs]
mpolongoni̱e(Var. mpolongoni̱o) mpolongoni̱en. weakling, feeble person; s.b. who is not physically strongSyn:muceke, muhuuru, njwahe. [ - Thin person], [2.4.2 - Weak], [2.4 - Body condition]
mpomompomon. bait; food for catching fish that is placed on a hook[ - Fish with hooks], [ - Fishing equipment]
mpompoi̱tempompoi̱ten. fermented and crushed cassava that has not yet been fully sun dried[ - Growing cassava], [ - Food from roots], [ - Steps in food preparation], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
mponderana(Var. mponderagana) mponderanan. sequence[ - Series], [ - Order, sequence], [ - Line], [7.5 - Arrange], [ - Straight], [7.5.5 - Organize], [8.1.1 - Number]