Lugungu - English


mahehun. fresh air[1.1.2 - Air], [ - New]
mahembe ga gaali See main entry: ihembe
mahiiran. immature brew of alcohol that tastes sweet because it has not yet reached its final preparation stage[ - Alcohol preparation]
mahi̱gai̱hi̱gan. cooking stones onto which is placed a cooking pan or any other thing while cooking[ - Rock], [5.2.1 - Food preparation], [5.5.7 - Fireplace], [ - Cooking utensil]
mahombookaadv. Easter; remembrance of the death and the resurrection of Jesus[ - Christianity], [ - Special days], [ - Calendar]
mahu̱u̱re Runyoro n. news; new information that has just happened on s.t. or what is happening around the worldSyn:makuru. [ - Information], [ - Report], [ - News, message]
majaanin. tea; cash crop whose leaves are dried and crushed for making into a hot drink[ - Beverage], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
makalaikalan. charcoal[5.5.6 - Fuel], [5.5.5 - What fires produce]
makanikabamakanika English n. mechanic, engineer; s.b. whose job is repairing machines[6.6.8 - Working with machines]
makaasin. scissors; tool that is like a pair of pliers used for cutting[6.7.1 - Cutting tool]
makekeadj. excellent, extremely good; used to show that you are very pleased about s.t. or that you approve of s.t.[ - Better], [8.3.7 - Good]
makenulen. domestic household seat made out of timber and nails with four legs, a leaning part and not found in an office[ - Chair]
makongi̱i̱kongi̱n. commercial sisal; plant used as a fibre in building and that is spun for weaving ropes[ - Plant product], [6.6.1 - Working with cloth], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
Makundun. name of a person[ - Personal names]
makuruikurun. 1matters; situations or events that are thought about, discussed etc.[ - Be about, subject], [ - Think about], [ - Talk about a subject] 2news; new information that has just happened on s.t. or what is happening around the worldSyn:mahu̱u̱re. [ - Information], [ - Report], [ - News, message]
makuru gamali̱ku̱ See main entry: makuru
makutan. oil, fat, cream, butter; general name for oils and creams[5.4.5 - Anoint the body], [ - Food from animals], [6.6.2 - Working with minerals], [ - Cooking ingredients], [5.4.2 - Cosmetics], [ - Working with chemicals], [ - Oil], [5.5.6 - Fuel], [ - Cooking oil], [ - Milk products]
makuta ga kudya See main entry: makuta
makuta ga kwesi̱i̱ga See main entry: makuta
makuta ga taara See main entry: makuta
maku̱mi̱ gabirinum. twenty[ - Cardinal numbers]
maku̱mi̱ ganeinum. forty[ - Cardinal numbers]
maku̱mi̱ gasatunum. thirty[ - Cardinal numbers]
maku̱mi̱ gataanunum. fifty[ - Cardinal numbers]
maku̱ni̱n. hospitality; friendly, caring, generous, kind behaviour towards othersSyn:b̯wenda, b̯u̱manzi̱. [ - Show hospitality], [4.3.1 - Good, moral], [ - Generous], [ - Mercy], [4.3.4 - Do good to], [ - Show sympathy, support], [ - Altruistic, selfless]