Lugungu - English


mbei̱zombei̱zon. chisel; sharp tool used for shaping a piece of timber or wood[ - Working with stone], [ - Sculpture], [6.6.3 - Working with wood], [6.7.1 - Cutting tool]
mbenjambenjan. syphilis; disease of the sexual organs caught by having sex with an infected person[ - Sexual immorality], [2.5.2 - Disease]
mbeerambeeran. 1circumstance; situation[ - Nature, character], [ - Situation], [8.3 - Quality], [8 - States], [ - Condition] 2appearance[8.3.1 - Shape], [ - Appearance], [ - Seem], [ - Pattern, model], [8 - States], [ - Like, similar] 3mood[ - Nature, character], [ - Think about], [3.1.1 - Personality], [ - Attitude], [3.4 - Emotion]
mbeera gya bya nsimbi See main entry: nsimbi
mbeera gya kuhyoha See main entry: kuhyoha
mbeera gya kusemererwa See main entry: kusemererwa₁
mbeesu̱le(Var. mbei̱su̱le) mbeesu̱len. trigger; part on some traps such as the one for a squirrel that an animal or a bird shakes slightly that causes the trap to operate[6.4.2 - Trap]
mbibombibon. grain, seed stock; that part of a crop that is harvested and latter planted[1.5.5 - Parts of a plant]
mbikombikon. funeral gifts; things such as food, firewood collected from clan members to help the bereaved family[ - Funeral], [ - Show sympathy, support], [ - Give, donate], [ - Bury]
mbindombindon. pot-like jar made of clay with a neck-like a handle used for storing liquids or used as a drinking utensil for such drinks as water, milk, alcohol, banana juice, etc.[ - Food storage], [6.7.7 - Container]
mbirombiron. athletics, race; games that people compete in, e.g., running around the field, jumping, shot-put, etc.[ - Sports], [ - Run]
mbi̱mbambi̱mban. style of a building; the way in which s.t. is built[ - Means], [ - Way, manner], [6.1.2 - Method], [6.5.1 - Building], [ - Custom]
mbi̱mba gya muntu See main entry: mbi̱mba
mbi̱nyambi̱nyan. dance; movement in a pattern, usually to musical accompaniment[4.2.4 - Dance]
mbi̱rombi̱ron. soot; black powder that is deposited on the outside of a pot when cooking using firewood or charcoal[5.5.5 - What fires produce]
mbi̱sombi̱son. hidden place, e.g., a cave[7.6 - Hide], [ - Mysterious], [ - Private, public], [ - Secret]
mbombon. state of calmness, timidity, coolness, shyness or humility[ - Shy, timid], [ - Humble], [ - Gentle], [ - Calm]
mboheromboheron. noose; circle that is tied in one end of a rope with a knot that allows the circle to get smaller as the other end of the rope is pulled[ - Rope, string], [7.5.4 - Tie], [ - Execute]
mboneko(Var. kawonekeera) mbonekon. period of time of the new moon; about two to three days[ - Moon]
mbudabambudan. dunce, fool; dense, stupid, dull person who does or says things without senseSyn:madara, mudoma, mwicate, mu̱pu̱u̱ti̱. [ - Stupid]
mbuga₁mbugan. 1vegetable sp. that is used to make sauce[ - Food from vegetables], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine], [ - Prepared food] 2vegetable sauce made from a plant sp.[ - Food from vegetables], [ - Prepared food]
mbuga₂mbugan. office; room or a house where s.b. does his piece of work, esp. sitting at a deskSyn:ofi̱i̱si̱. [4.6.6 - Government functions], [6.1.1 - Worker], [6.5.1 - Building], [6.9 - Business organization]
mbuga gya biragiro See main entry: mbuga₂
mbumbunirambumbuniran. small insect sp. with black and white parts that looks like a spider[ - Insect]