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nyahukanan. 1difference; nonconformity[ - Different], [ - Conform], [ - Strange], [ - Dissociation] 2range; variety of different things or activities[ - Different], [8.3.5 - Type, kind]
nyakabyeru̱banyakabyeru̱n. 1new mother; woman who has just given birth [2.6.3 - Birth], [ - Father, mother] 2Metaphor. Pleiades; a group of six stars that are together in the night sky and always shine very brightly Syn:nyamukaaga. [ - Names of heavenly bodies], [ - Star]
nyakahi̱mbi̱n. hardwood tree; strongest forest tree that grows extremely big and very tall and is never affected by termites[1.5.1 - Tree]
nyakataaman. greysih fish sp. with very small scales and a short large mouth, that resembles ‘mmasi’[ - Fish]
nyakati̱gan. plant that bears fruit like onions but has leaves like that of the ‘leengha’ shrub[ - Food from roots], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
nyakaab̯u See main entry: nyakeetu̱
nyakeenyu̱ See main entry: nyakeetu̱
nyakeetu̱banyakeetu̱n. our sister[9.2.3 - Pronouns], [ - Brother, sister]
nyamanyaman. meat; flesh of an animal or a bird that is eaten[6.3.7 - Animal products], [ - Food from animals], [ - Cattle], [ - Meat]
nyamagoyebanyamagoyen. albino; s.b. born without the usual skin colour and having whitish hair[ - Birth defect], [1.6.1 - Types of animals], [ - White], [2.1.4 - Skin], [ - Unusual birth]
nyamanu̱ngu̱manyamanu̱ngu̱n. porcupine; largest of all gnawing animals with quills as sharp as a needle that it raises in order to protect itself in case of attackSyn:seeki̱i̱se. Hystrix cristata [ - Rodent]
nyambubimanyambubin. spider; insect with eight legs, without wings that spins a web to catch insects for food[ - Spider]
nyamukaaganyamukaagan. Pleiades; a group of six stars that are together in the night sky and always shine very brightlySyn:nyakabyeru̱. [ - Names of heavenly bodies], [ - Star]
nyamu̱ngongi̱banyamu̱ngongi̱n. loved wife[ - Husband, wife], [4.3.3 - Love], [ - Terms of endearment], [ - Romantic love]
nyananyanan. heifer; young female cow ready to conceive but that has not yet reached the size of a fully grown cow[ - Cattle], [1.6.7 - Male and female animals]
nyanganyangan. grave hole; pit in which a corpse is buried[ - Grave], [ - Bury]
nyankei(Var. nyankeenya) pro. myself[ - Reflexive pronouns]
nyantapara mukyenu See main entry: mukyenu
nyaabyongomanyaabyongon. turtle; reptile with a shell on its body like a tortoise, lives in water and pulls its head, feet and tail into its shell when in dangerSyn:geeri. Chelonia mydas [ - Turtle]
nyaaki̱mwei̱banyaaki̱mwei̱n. only son[ - One], [ - Alone], [ - Separate, alone], [ - Personally], [ - Only]
nyaalokoli̱banyaalokoli̱n. grass sp. that resembles what is called ‘mwaru’ except that it has small black sharp points and it mostly grows in dry areas[1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
nyaanimanyaanin. arrow; thin stick or metal with a sharp point at one end that is shot from a bow[ - Weapon, shoot]
nyenzenyenzen. cockroach; large brown insect with wings, that stays in houses, esp. in darkness and in dirty places[ - Insect]
nyeerabyan. behavioural code, principles, values; the way that s.b. behaves, esp. towards other people[ - Nature, character], [4 - Social behavior], [3.1.1 - Personality], [4.3 - Behavior], [ - Reputation]

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