Lugungu - English


pu̱ku̱pu̱bapu̱ku̱pu̱n. deaf person; s.b. whose ears do not hearSyn:i̱jalu̱, mwi̱jalu̱ wa mapokopo. [ - Deaf]
pu̱li̱i̱dabapu̱li̱i̱dan. lawyer; s.b. who is trained to advise, and represent people in a court of law and to write legal documents[4.7.4 - Court of law], [ - Legal personnel]
pu̱li̱i̱da wa gavu̱menti̱ See main entry: pu̱li̱i̱da
pu̱romapu̱ron. Topi; wild even-toed hoofed animal, higher in the forequarters than at the rear, with ringed horns that angle backwards, has long legs, and likes standing on a termite mounds to watch out for predatorsDamasticus lunatus [ - Hoofed animals]
pu̱tu̱ru̱pu̱tu̱ru̱n. operation, mission, offensive; planned activity involving many people performing various actions[ - Police], [ - Attack], [9.1.2 - Do], [ - Military organization]
pu̱u̱raadv. excessively[ - Many, much], [ - Extra], [8.1.4 - More]
pu̱u̱yopu̱u̱yon. soil type of a special colour used for smearing houses[ - Soil, dirt]
pyokomapyokon. rhinoceros; large wild animal with one or two horns on its noseDiceros bicornis, ceratotherium simum [ - Hoofed animals]

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